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#SDNShowcase: Security and Data Center

Jun 1, 2015
Rick Bauer
Rick Bauer About the author

Learn about the SDN Security and Data Center SDN demos set to take place during the SDN Solutions Showcase at ONS.

This is the second post in our ONS2015 SDN Solutions Showcase series, giving ONF blog readers a sneak peek at the use-case demonstrations they’ll expect to find at the upcoming event. To learn about the Carrier WAN and NFV categories, click here.

Security and data center are two undeniably popular topics in the SDN conversation, as they both have a major impact on the operations of an organization. Thus, offering security and data center demonstrations during the ONS2015 SDN Solutions Showcase was a priority for us, and we’ve established specific categories for use cases that fall under these umbrellas.

Security is a universal concern for all companies, regardless of size, service or industry. And when it comes to the network, SDN architecture may enable, facilitate, or enhance security applications due to the controller’s central view of the network, as well as its capacity to reprogram the data plane at any time. During the SDN Solutions Showcase at ONS2015, TELUS will demonstrate a use case for providing unique defensive capabilities in securing today’s networks as part of the SDN Security category.

Internet content providers like Facebook and Google are already using SDN to improve hyperscale data center connectivity, but how can less than hyperscale deployments still take advantage of SDN in data centers? The Data Center SDN category at ONS2015 will look at SDN deployment, orchestration, cloud integration, and gateway management through demonstrations by ONF (yes, us!), ECODE Networks, KulCloud, and One Convergence.

For more information about these categories and the other use cases that you will see at ONS2015, please visit http://opennetsummit.org/conference/showcase/. And please revisit the ONF blog next week to learn about the Enterprise SDN and SDN Testing categories!

- Rick Bauer, Technical Program Manager

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