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The ONF Marketplace highlights products and services that demonstrate different levels of compatibility with ONF software platforms. Network operators and system integrators are encouraged to use this Marketplace as a reference to simplify the selection of solutions that can be successfully used to build networks using ONF platforms.

To request details on how to participate in the ONF Marketplace, please send your inquiry to info@opennetworking.org

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Vendor tests and documents how product works with ONF project, or how vendor’s services build upon to ONF projects.
ONF-recognized third party validates vendor test plan or service offering that was previously approved as “Vendor Assessed”.
Highest level of recommendation. Exclusively for products integrated in the ONF’s Continuous Certification Program (CI/CD/CC pipeline) that are tested nightly against project releases.

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Vendor Assessed

Rimedo Labs – O-RAN Hands-on Training

Category: Training

Overview: This course deals with O-RAN use cases, with particular emphasis on a traffic steering use case based on the O-RAN Alliance standard. The main focus…
Vendor Assessed

Rimedo Labs – QRA xApp

Category: xApp

Overview: Rimedo Labs implemented the QoS-based Resource Allocation (QRA) xApp with an aim of dynamic allocation of radio resources. Within each slice different user demands on…
Vendor Assessed

Rimedo Labs – Traffic Steering xApp

Category: xApp

Overview: As part of SD-RAN, Rimedo Labs implemented the Traffic Steering (TS) xApp with an aim to improve QoS for user data transmission. The TS xApp…
Vendor Assessed

SD-RAN – Design & Deployment

Category: System Integration

Overview: GS Lab helps telecom organizations fast-track 5G network transformation projects with expertise in IT and product engineering. With hands-on experience in disaggregation, cloudification and automation,…
Vendor Assessed


Category: OLT

Overview: SAMBHA16 vOLT is a 16-port multi-PON whitebox virtual OLT supporting Combo-PON, GPON, and XGS-PON with software based on the ONF’s SEBA/VOLTHA reference architecture to build…
20 - 25 of 27 results