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Community Member Profile: Özge Ayaz

Nov 18, 2021
Ain Indermitte
Ain Indermitte About the author

In this community member profile, we would like to introduce Özge Ayaz, a Software R&D Engineer at Netsia, based in Istanbul, Turkey. She is an active contributor in the Open Networking Foundation SEBA/VOLTHA community.

Özge Ayaz 150x150 jpgÖzge graduated from Fırat University, Turkey as a Computer Engineer. She was extremely drawn to cloud computing and big data. Hence, at her first job, she worked on cloud computing, big data, and deep learning topics, such as management of Openstack pods and collection of text documents with different machine learning algorithms. She also worked on a suggestion system platform for online magazines. Özge then joined Netsia where she has been working on three different projects. Her first project was a Software Defined Networking suite that contains an SDN controller, network services and network applications that are integrated with the NFV platform. Her responsibility was to collect network measurements on OpenTSDB and Hbase. Next, she started to work on an ONAP project with a comprehensive platform for orchestration, management, and automation of network and edge computing services for network operators, cloud providers, and enterprises. In this project, she integrated the ProgRAN project that was running on the ONOS SDN controller and the network configuration and service profiles required by the ProgRAN application managed by the ONAP platform. She closely collaborated with ONF and demoed this project at Mobile World Congress. Finally, since she had taken hardware courses at Fırat University, the VOLTHA project attracted her attention. She has been working in the SEBA/VOLTHA community for the last three years.

In the SEBA/VOLTHA community Özge has been working on the OpenONU adapter making contributions for Multicast, Multi-UNI, and Traffic Descriptor in the OpenONU adapter’s scope. Her first contribution was to support the multicast service in the original OpenONU python version. She also participated in the Multi-TCONT/Multicast brigade, and later on, as the implementation of the multicast service was complete, she focused on the new OpenONU version in GOlang. She made the multicast, traffic descriptor, and multi UNI feature contributions to the OpenONU GO version as she started participating in the OpenONU GO brigade. Currently, she is contributing to support VoIP services.

Netsia has a large team working on the VOLTHA project and they productize and deploy SEBA+ projects with different operators. The team members are experienced on several layers of ONOS, SEBA, and VOLTHA projects and are actively contributing to the community. This team has been working on SEBA/VOLTHA projects for over three years and most team members have significant experience in telecommunications and networking fields.

“I am thankful for the opportunity to be working with true experts in the field of telecommunications. This enables me to continually learn new things,” says Özge. “The ONF community is always helping me. ONF organizes weekly technical meetings and publishes the meeting recordings. This is a very useful practice. I can discuss any topic in a field with a person who is expert in that field on the community's Slack channels. I find this very valuable.”

Özge took painting lessons for seven years when she was a child. Now she paints when she wants to clear her mind. Whereas she has never tried fencing herself, she loves watching fencing games and recently watched fencing Olympic games on YouTube.


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