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New – ONF Spotlight Series

Apr 7, 2020
Denise Barton
Denise Barton About the author

ONF is excited to announce the launch of “ONF Spotlight,” a new virtual forum series that will deliver the insights you need to stay on top of the fast growing open source movement for building next generation mobile and broadband infrastructures. This new forum incorporates a combination of virtual live and on-demand content that is easily accessible from anywhere in the world opening up access to a broad audience. With the advent of COVID-19, this new forum enables us to continue to foster ONF community participation, share updates from across the ONF ecosystem, and maintain the excitement and momentum already underway in 2020 for ONF open source solutions.

ONF Spotlight offers something for everyone, and will span from coverage of industry level insights and perspectives to deep dive technical updates and open source-based demonstrations. Each Spotlight in the series will focus on a specific topic area and include live expert keynote sessions, panel discussions, in-depth technical breakout sessions and demonstrations. Through live and online Q&As, participants will be able to communicate and engage with speakers directly. Each Spotlight's live keynotes will be open to anyone to participate. Recorded content will be available to ONF Members only for a period following the first keynote for each topic area within the series. After that time, all the content will be made publicly accessible. 

The ONF community is invited to participate as an integral part of the series. There are multiple ways in which you can participate, including: individual presentations, panel discussions and demonstrations. Proposals can be submitted using the ONF Spotlight Call for Proposals (CFP). A committee of industry experts together with the ONF technical team will review submissions and assemble the program for each Spotlight. 

The planned ONF Spotlight series topics and release dates for 2020 are:

  • July                        Broadband                                                                    CFP Close 5/8/20
  • September           5G Transformation with Open Source                     CFP Close 7/1/200
  • October                Enterprise Mobile Edge Cloud-as-a-Service         CFP Close 8/1/20
  • November            SDN Infrastructure                                                         CFP Close 9/1/20

Don’t miss this opportunity to join us and share your experiences, engage with the community and gain new insights and perspectives along with peers from around the world. Check out the ONF Spotlight web page to learn more.

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