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ONF Achieves “Milestone Moment” Democratizing Open Networking

Mar 21, 2022
Timon Sloane
Timon Sloane About the author

The Internet (ARPANET) was born when independent universities became empowered to build their own networks to interconnect with their peers. We all know the story - this network grew organically and eventually transformed the world, and open systems and open source played key roles along the way.

Over time networks ossified as they became more and more complex to the point that only the biggest companies could build them or the complex systems upon which they relied. What started as a democratic bottoms-up movement turned into a market controlled by fewer and fewer companies.  It was with this background that the ONF was formed with a vision to re-democratize networking and bring back localized ownership and control through the use of SDN and open source.  

This month, in a culmination of 10 years work, ONF achieved a remarkable milestone by open sourcing a complete end-to-end solution that now makes it possible for anyone to build their own 5G+Edge networks much like the arpanet enabled universities to build and control their own destinies. This project, Aether, is already being used to interconnect universities and other organizations, and it is now mature enough and easy enough to use that it's time to make it available as widely as possible.

For this milestone moment, ONF is hosting a live Webinar on March 30th, 9:00am PDT led by the ONF leadership team. Learn about Aether and its component platforms all now available in open source and how you can leverage and build upon these platforms to build your own 5G + edge solutions and more.

Come join the webinar, and let us help you take your next step towards open programmable networking!

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Timon SloaneVP, Marketing & Ecosystem
Timon Sloane is the vice president of marketing and ecosystem of the Open Networking Foundation (ONF). He leads the organization’s efforts building an open source ecosystem, thus helping to enable broad transformation of the networking industry through the adoption open source business practices.