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ONF Community: Distinguished Contributor Awards

Oct 23, 2019
Bill Snow
Bill Snow About the author

At this year's ONF Connect event, we announced our first-ever Distinguished Contributor Awards. Nominated by their peers from the ONF community and approved by a diversity of ONF member leadership, these individuals are recognized as outstanding contributors, exemplary leaders, architectural stewards, and strong drivers of production network adoption, the ONF community, and the networking industry. 

2019 Distinguished Contributor Award Winners

ONF 2019 Day1 036 001 1024x981 jpg

David Bainbridge, Ciena

For architecture & community leadership and code contributions to CORD, SEBA, VOLTHA, ONOS & Stratum

ONF 2019 Day1 040 001 1024x918 jpg

Saurav Das, ONF

For invention of Trellis, architecture & community leadership, and code contributions to CORD, SEBA, Trellis & VOLTHA.

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Nigel Davis, Ciena

For architectural, standards & code contribution leadership in creation of the ONF Core Information Model, and leadership in applying it to both optical and wireless industry segments while coordinating with other standards organizations. 

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Brian O'Connor, ONF

For leadership of Stratum, architecture & community leadership, and code contributions to Stratum, ONOS & Mininet. 

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Thomas Vachuska, ONF

For architecture & code contribution leadership of ONOS leading to its adoption in multiple and diverse production environments.

2019 Distinguished Contributor Award Winners

Distinguished Contributor Team Awards were also given out for outstanding contributions to the production deployment of Trellis and ONOS.

Broadcom, Ciena, EdgeCore Networks, Comcast, Infosys & ONF

Broadcom Team: Don Bouchard, Douglas Flint, Ben Gale, Kathy McDowell, Vince Moss, Ashok Raman, Jeff Rutigliano, Suyash Varma, Kiran Kumar Vedula

Ciena: Jon Hall

Comcast and Infosys Teams: Sandeep Adapala, Prathamesh Birwatkar, Harshada Chaundkar (Infosys), Lou Donofrio, Nidhi George (Infosys), Praveen GT (Infosys), Rob Howald, Jobin Joseph (Infosys), Anjali Kesav (Infosys), Sandesh Katti (Infosys), Bhanu Krishnamurthy, Manjo Kunnamkott (Infosys), Mody Niv, Veeresh Mugabasappa (Infosys), Dipu Mukundan (Infosys), Nagesh Nandiraju, Sebnem Ozer, Ashish Pathak (Infosys), Sneha Prem (Infosys), Hariprasad Rajendran (Infosys), Vignesh Ramamurthy (Infosys), Datta Subramanya (Infosys), Ruchi Sahota (Infosys), Balaji Thangavelu (Infosys), Jayakumar Thazhath (Infosys), Mayank Tiwani, Antoni Vasanth (Infosys), Shibu Vijaykumar (Infosys), Kalicharan Vuppala (Infosys), Elad Nafshi

Edgecore Networks Team: Jeff Catlin, Calvin Chow, Jack Hsu, Lewis Kang, Phani Karanam, Derek Sun, Wally Wang

ONF Team: Andrea Campanella, Charles Chan, Saurav Das, Jordan Halterman, Thomas Vachuska, Pier Luigi Ventre, You Wang

Individuals who were top contributors, reviewers, mentors, ambassadors and / or advocates were also nominated by the ONF community for each ONF project and recognized during the track sessions at ONF Connect. These awardees have been acknowledged by their peers as having made a qualitative difference in both the project's success and advancing ONF's overall mission. 

Broadband Access
Gamze Abaka, Netsia
Girish Gowdru, Radisys
Khen Nursimulu, Ciena
Matteo Scandolo, ONF
Matthew Jeanneret, AT&T 
Shad Ansari, ONF
Next-Gen SDN
Alireza Ghaffarkhah, Google
Antonin Bas, Barefoot
Devjit Gopalpur, Google
Yi Tseng, ONF

Fabric & Controllers
Charles Chan, ONF
Hariprasad Rajendran, Infosys
Kalicharan Vuppala, Infosys
Nagesh Nandiraju, Comcast
Pier Luigi Ventre, ONF

Optical Transport
Alessio Giorgetti, Scuola
Superiore Sant’Ann
Andrea Campanella, ONF
Konrad Mròwka,
ADVA Optical
Quan Pham Van, Nokia
Ramon Casellas, CTTC

5G & Mobile
Ashok Sunderajan, Intel
Christian Maciocco, Intel
Lyle Bertz, Sprint
Michal Sewera, T-Mobile
Oguz Sunay, ONF
PingPing Lin, ONF

Jon Hall, ONF
Jordan Halterman, ONF
Ray Milkey, ONF
Sean Condon, ONF
You Wang, ONF

Edge Cloud
Zack Williams, ONF

Congratulations to all the awardees! ONF is proud of your dedication and contributions to furthering the mission to drive transformation of network infrastructure and carrier business models to revolutionize the industry.

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