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Open-NFP P4 Summer Webinar Series

Jul 26, 2016

Posted by P4.org on July 26, 2016

Open-NFP is pleased to announce the Open-NFP P4 Summer Webinar Series. The webinars are on topics in data plane acceleration research, including various P4 applications and using P4 with custom actions in C. The webinars aim to provide the audience with reusable applied research. You can register for or view the webinars here.

The webinars are held bi-weekly with the first one held on July 13th. Below is the full list of the webinars.

  • July 13, 8:00 am PT – “P4 for Custom Identification and Flow Tagging” –
    Nic Viljoen, Netronome.  Replay Webinar, Download Slides, Download Code
  • July 27, 8:00 am PT – “Consensus as a Network Service” –
    Huynh Tu Dang, Italian University of Switzerland. Register
  • August 10, 8:00 am PT – “P4-based VNF and Micro-VNF Chaining for Servers with Intelligent Server Adapters” –
    David George, Netronome. Register
  • August 24, 8:00 am PT – “P4, eBPF and Linux TC Offload” –
    Dinan Gunawardena and Jakub Kicinski, Netronome. Register
  • September 7, 8:00 am PT – “Protecting the Privacy of the Network –  Using P4 to Prototype and Extend Network Protocols” –
    Mark Matties, Applied Physics Lab, Johns Hopkins University. Register
  • September 21, 8:00 am PT – “Stacks and Layers: Integrating P4, C, OVS and OpenStack” – Johann Tönsing, Netronome. Register


Open-NFP.org is a worldwide, community-driven organization that enables open and collaborative research in the area of network function processing in server networking hardware. Open-NFP hosts 20+ research projects from academia and industry. For more information please visit www.open-nfp.org.

Bapi Vinnakota is Director of Technology and Ecosystem Development at Netronome and focuses on academic outreach.

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