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SD-RAN Updates Software Licensing Policy – Trailing Releases Will Be Released Open Source

Sep 13, 2021
Saurav Das
Saurav Das About the author

Recently ONF announced the release of SD-RAN™ v1.2, a cloud-native open source implementation of software-defined RAN consistent with the O-RAN architecture. This release is also the first release fully integrated with ONF’s Aether™, a private 5G Connected Edge platform for enabling enterprise digital transformation. 

Up until the v1.2 release, SD-RAN has only been available to ONF members under the ONF Member-Only License. With this new release, the SD-RAN project will move from the Incubation Phase into the Partner Commercialization Phase (as defined in the License). In moving into the Commercialization Phase, ONF partners are eligible to build products and offer services as outlined under the License terms. 

Additionally, the SD-RAN project will start to open source trailing releases. Now that v1.2 has been released to members, v1.1 will be released as open source under Apache 2.0. This trailing release policy will continue as new releases come out in the future. The intention is to enable ONF Members to start to build commercialized offerings based on the latest member-only code, with assurance that the code will become open source in a reasonable timeframe. To learn more about the details of which activities are permitted under the ONF Member-Only License, please see the License FAQ. The SD-RAN v1.1 release can be viewed here

The SD-RAN community includes leading operators and vendors embracing the open RAN movement and the vision of a vendor-agnostic nRT-RIC to help enable multi-vendor interoperability. New members are always welcome - to learn more or to join the community, please email membership@opennetworking.org. To stay updated on the project’s progress we recommend subscribing to the SD-RAN Announce mailing list

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Saurav Das