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Community Highlights – July 2020

Aug 7, 2020
Ain Indermitte
Ain Indermitte About the author

We want to take a moment to highlight people and contributions that are making a substantial difference across our amazing communities. 

Table of Contents (alphabetical)

Ambassador Program
Developer Relations



  • This project is in the "Incubation Phase" under the ONF Member-Only Software License. Only ONF members in good standing are allowed access to the project repositories. We strongly recommend you review the ONF Member-Only Software LicenseLicense Overview,  and Licensing & IPR FAQ before requesting access. Requesting access will initiate your company’s 90 day grace period and notify the primary contact. If you wish to be granted access to the repository, please contact membership@opennetworking.org.
  • New features added to aether:
    • SPGW supports multiple SPGW-user plane connections. MME supports multiple SPGWC connections.
    • PFCP enabled SPGW now supports multiple robustness features. This includes detection of user plane failures, retransmission of messages, timeout the transactions. PFCP enabled UPF is under test.
    • Added a helm chart for PFCP-agent. Started to upgrade Accelleran DU/CU images and their Helm chart.
  • CICD & licensing 
    • CI support for Member-only repos.
    • Enforced licensing for Member-only repos using the REUSE licensing tool.
    • Nightly Jenkins Job set up for testing SD-RAN cluster deployment.
    • CD pipeline with Terraform is in progress.
  • Deployed Aether staging central on AWS. 5G enabled UPF is deployed in Aether production. Also we started to enable PFCP to run within Aether Edge on Laptop.
  • We started to investigate the 5G SA Core network and study the 5G specification.

Ambassador Program

  • ONF Ambassadors are actively planning for virtual online events in their respective regions for the coming fall season. We currently have ONF Introductory events planned for Latin America, Middle East, and North Africa commencing in October.


  • Nucleus MME now supports many robustness features. This includes guard timer for all the procedures. Handling 0 reid messages in the response.  Nucleus MME has capability to talk to multiple SGW, this is achieved by static apn-spgw mapping.
  • NGIC-RTC user plane detects the central plane failure and  MME resolves the SPGW DNS entries.
  • Nightly scaling test with NG40 1K UE attach/detach.

Developer Relations


  • Bug fix for Optical intent compilation, now supports ports with Name, thanks to Alessio Giorgetti (MetroHaul).
  • Bug fix to properly delete flows connection cache in Openconfig TerminalDevice Flow Rule Programmable thanks to Alessio Giorgetti (MetroHaul).
  • Started working on extension and bug fix for the OpenROADM driver with gerrit patch thanks to Roberto Morro (TIM).
  • Started working on TAPI driver for full TAPI topology exposure with gerrit patch thanks to Giuseppe Iaffaldano (Intento Project)


  • ONOS 2.2.3 was released at the beginning of July containing various fixes and minor improvements to the 2.2 LTS release.
  • onos-topo enhancements allowing expression of topology using entity-relationship approach were merged.
  • onos-ric and onos-config were refactored to use the new onos-topo API.
  • onos-go-lib which serves as a basis for various µONOS subsystems was enhanced with:
    • common mechanism for authentication and dealing with secrets
    • hierarchical loggers
    • helpers for NB services and stores and streaming APIs.
  • onos-ric enhanced to use new auto-generated store interfaces and code.
  • onos-ric H/A failover capability is being implemented.


  • TR-547, TAPI Reference Implementation Agreement, completed final review with comments from Xiaobing Niu and Jia Qian (ZTE), Andrea Mazzini (Nokia), Nigel Davis (Ciena), Kam Lam (Fiberhome) and Jonathan Sadler (Infinera), and final editing by Andrea Mazzini and Arturo Mayoral (Telefonica).  It was approved by the OTCC TST.
  • The OIF (Optical Internetworking Forum) is organizing interoperability testing based in TAPI 2.1.3 and TR-547, and also including the partial disaggregation model and OpenConfig transponder control similar to the ODTN project Phase 1.1 work, to take place in the Fall.



P4 Education WG

  • Save the date for the 3rd P4 Workshop in Europe event which will take place in Barcelona, Spain on December 1, 2020, in conjunction with CoNEXT 2020. EuroP4 event hosts are soliciting full-length technical papers and short poster/demo papers so consider submitting a proposal..


  • Release of VOLTHA 2.4 together with ONOS 2.2.3 with full support for all 3 operator workflows - AT&T’s 1 TCONT- 4 GEMs, Deutsche Telekom’s  FTTH 1 TCONT- 8 GEMs, and Turk Telekom’s  Multi-TCONT triple-play workflows. 
  • In-band management of remotely-located OLTs, thanks to Radisys and DT for contributing. 
  • In band managed OLT testing integration and TT sanity workflow, thanks to the ONF team and NETSIA for the support. 
  • Reached scale of 2 OLTs with 500 ONUs each for the AT&T and DT workflows, thanks to the bbsim and scalability brigade.
  • Update versions of key infrastructure components such as HELM 3 and Kubernetes 1.18, thanks to the whole ONF team and David Bainbridge (Ciena).


  • Max Pudelko, Brian O’Connor, Yi Tseng (ONF), and the team at Google have completed a new Broadcom SDK integration with OpenNSA. This integration enables Stratum support for new Broadcom switching targets: Trident 2, Tomahawk 2, and Tomahawk 3. It also opens the door to adding additional chips in the Broadcom XGS and DNX families.
  • Abhilash Endurthi (ONF) added the Edgecore AS6712 (Trident 2) box to the Stratum Continuous Certification pipeline, making this the first Trident 2 box that is certified by ONF to work with Stratum.


  • Integrated TOST into Aether; empowering Aether with fully-programmable, fully-visible networking infrastructure.
    • Implemented CI infrastructure for fabric.p4.
    • TOST SDE - automated TOST building process; single click to build TOST container image
    • Automated TOST deployment; single click to deploy TOST and Stratum into an Aether Connected Edge (ACE)
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