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Community Highlights – April 2021

May 5, 2021
Ain Indermitte
Ain Indermitte About the author

We want to take a moment to highlight people and contributions that are making a substantial difference across our amazing communities. 

Table of Contents (alphabetical)

Ambassador Program
Developer Relations


In this month’s Aether update, we are focusing on Aether Operational Platform and Applications

  • Enhanced automation of the POD deployment process and used it to deploy Aether at all Pronto sites.
  • Enhanced runtime operational control portal with additional unit and scaling tests.
  • Pronto network monitoring and alerts dashboard enhanced to facilitate achieving progressively higher nines availability goals set forth for the upcoming quarters.
  • Improved automated CI/CD toolchain with infrastructure-as-code principles.
  • Work commenced on developing security tools for Aether control and management.
  • Demonstrated two edge applications (Motion Capture and Command Control) that collectively enable closed-loop control of autonomous drone flight formations on the Pronto POD operationalized at Stanford Flight Lab. Connectivity between the edge applications and the drones have been established using Aether’s 4G/5G connectivity services that make use of 4G CBRS dongles on drones, Aether small cells, and Aether’s SD-Fabric and SD-Core components.

Ambassador Program

  • The CALA Ambassador team is hosting a webinar, "Working with ONF to Transform Mobile and Broadband Networks in LATAM". The webinar will be delivered May 11th in Spanish and May 13th in Portuguese. Register to attend.


  • 5GC NF image building is integrated with Jenkins CI. Also we cleanup the Makefiles and Dockerfile for each NF.
  • We moved webconsole folder from 5gc repo to a dedicated repo as other NFs.
  • Started to set up the 5GC Xn based handover test environment with NG4T.
  • We wrote both override value files of the helm chart for both staging deployment and Radisys deployment of 5GC. 

Developer Relations


  • Continued exploring updates to the Physical inventory model.
  • Identifying areas to focus on in OIMT to support security in the ONF interface, especially TAPI, and considering relevant use cases for the following:
    • Control/reporting of security in the network
    • Control/reporting of security for the management-control system
    • Securing a stream
    • Streaming security information
    • Dealing with security concerns for a view/slice (access control etc.)
      • When building the view
      • When accessing information in the view
      • When streaming a view


  • Fixed an issue in the ONOS application store that prevented some drivers from being loaded correctly.


  • TAPI subproject held a virtual face-to-face meeting April 12, 13 and 15 with Andrea Mazzini (Nokia) and Karthik Sethuraman (NEC) leading. 
    • Work was done on path computation service, physical route and optical impairments, alarms, OTU, OMS and ODU modeling
    • Key contributions came from Ramon Casellas (TEF/CTTC), Nigel Davis (Ciena) and Andrea
    • There was a presentation on the EU PASSION Project by Prof. Pierpaolo Boffi (Politecnico di Milano)


  • The P4 Workshop is being held as a virtual event May 18-20th. Check out the great line-up of live keynotes and on-demand talks on the agenda. It’s free to join us so sign-up now!


  • SD-RAN Community continues to grow. In April we kicked off two new collaborations.
    • We are working with Radisys CU/DU integration with ONF’s micro-ONOS based nRT-RIC. Initial focus is on the KPM-v2 Service Model (SM), standardized by O-RAN
    • We also started working on a new use-case for Mobile Handovers with Intel Labs. The initial focus was on the development of a pre-standard SM for this use case
  • Aside from the new collaborations, we continue to work with Facebook and AirHop towards
    • Upgrading our SON based use-case (PCI conflict resolution) to incorporate 5G nodes
    • Develop modifications to the RC-PRE Service Model to incorporate changes that allow for Mobility Load Balancing (MLB)
  • We continue to collaborate with O-RAN WG-3. Based on their clarifications for the KPM v2 SM, we patched the SD-RAN release we made end-of-Q1 to incorporate Action Definition Format 1. These patches were released as SD-RAN v1.1.1


  • Various bug fixes and improvements in the Opeonu-go, thanks to Adtran, ONF, Netsia
    • Alarm management
    • Soft reboot
    • Flow deletion 
    • Error reporting
    • Performance Metrics
  • Added ONU and OLT reboot tests for TT, thanks to ONF
  • Refreshed Image protos with voltctl implementation for ONU software updates to support download, commit, activate separate procedures, thanks to ONF, Radisys and Adtran
  • Enhanced DMI interface with gRCP streams for Events and Alarms thanks to the team at Radisys
  • First contributions to the Open Device agent and Open Device manager thanks to the team at Radisys
  • Move to keyword based pipeline with the new voltha-infra and voltha-stack charts for better support and future compatibility


  • Max Pudelko (ONF) contributed many improvements and bug fixes, including build system clean up, dependency upgrade (Abseil March 2021, gRPC 1.33.6, Protobuf 3.14.0, BF SDE 9.5.0), and Stratum-BfRt enhancements (deflect on drop, SDE logging and error handling).
  • Stratum no longer supports port 28000 for gRPC connections by default. You should use port 9339 (gNMI) or 9559 (P4Runtime) instead. Because Stratum uses a single gRPC server, either port number works for both services. To override the default port at runtime, use the -external_stratum_urls flag.


  • Minor fixes and platform improvements
  • Deployment pipeline improvement - wait until previous resources are cleaned up completely before launching new instances.
  • Diagnostic pipeline improvement - now support capturing Karaf log as well


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