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Community Highlights – February/March 2022

Apr 14, 2022
Denise Barton
Denise Barton About the author

We want to take a moment to highlight people and contributions that are making a substantial difference across our amazing communities. 

Table of Contents 

Ambassador Program
Developer Relations & Communities


  • Aether 2.0 was released; new features include:
    • First Aether release to fully embrace open source
    • Support for 5G deployments, enabling greatly increased bandwidth compared to 4G-based deployments
    • P4 based mobile-core User Plane Function (UPF) offers a high performance hardware-accelerated datapath
    • Aether 2.0 was followed by a maintenance release, 2.0.1 for improved stability
    • Another maintenance release, 2.0.2, is currently being deployed to key sites, offering additional features
  • Aether in the Box on Hardware Radios has been developed by ONF, offering a lightweight mechanism to experience the full Aether stack using a physical 4G or 5G small cell.
  • Aether at the Edge prototype was deployed by ONF, demonstrating a production deployment of Aether with management and control components at the edge.
  • ONF demonstrated at MWC Barcelona 2022 the first Aether-interactive smart application, an OpenVINO based AI/ML person-detection application with intelligent control of bitrate.
  • Intel and ONF demonstrated at MWC Barcelona 2022 an anomaly detection application on the Aether platform that runs as an edge application, monitors a manufacturing or packaging line of product samples, and then uses an AI/ML algorithm to detect anomalies in real time.


  • In February, the SD-RAN project was released to open source to further advance global open RAN adoption. Read the announcement for all the details.
  • MWC Barcelona 2022 
    • We featured the recently deployed fully disaggregated SD-RAN trial in Berlin at Deutsche Telekom. It interconnects components from over 8 vendors using the SD-RAN RIC. The trial is also operationalized leveraging ONF's Aether platform and SD-Core dual-mode 5G/4G mobile core. 
    • Aether hosted the Radisys containerized CU while the Intel® Smart Edge Open software toolkit hosted the Radisys DU to enable cloud-native deployment of the RAN workload with optimization on the 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor and Intel® vRAN Dedicated Accelerator ACC100. The Radisys CU and DU are integrated with ONF’s nRT-RIC, xApps and SD-Core 5G core. Aether’s components are interconnected with a P4-programmable Intel® Tofino™ Intelligent Fabric Processor based switch to become interconnected with a P4-programmable Intel® Tofino™ Intelligent Fabric-based switch.
  • In March we released SD-RAN v1.4 - the first Apache licensed open source release. Read the blog for all the details. Highlights of this release for the RIC platform include:
    • Implementation of the O-RAN A1 interface 
    • Significant improvements to the onos-config microservice in preparation for a comprehensive O1 interface implementation in upcoming releases
    • 3rd party integration with xApps from RIMEDO Labs and Intel Labs and 5G-SA gNBs from Sercomm


  • SD-Core Release 1.1.0 and 1.1.1 is released
    • SD-Core 1.1 Release Notes can be viewed here.
    • SD-Core  1.1.1 is released with some more fixes in SD-Core.  SD-Core Release 1.1.1 is currently deployed in the Aether production network
  • The Team has started working on SD-Core 1.2 release
    • gNodeB Simulator
      • Vini Gajjar from GS Lab added support for PDU Session Release and N/W triggered PDU Session Release. 
      • Testing team is working on automation testing using gNodeB simulator
      • Badharinath from ONF team is working on UDP traffic support in gNBSim.
      • gNB Sim has timeout functionality now. If gNBSim is stuck for any reason then timeout causes test case failure. 
      • gNBSim sends data traffic to configured Application Servers (AS) 
      • gNBSim can be deployed in single interface mode or multiple interface mode. Refer link for more details.
      • Support for parallel execution of profiles is available now
    • SMF
      • SMF changes to support UPF based UE IP address allocation is in progress
      • Purdue University research students Jiayi Meng and Jingqi Huang have been using a 5G control plane for experiments. They found a few SMF issues like SMF crash in IP pool access, SMF getting stuck in SMF. Thanks to Jiayi Meng for his code contribution to fix the SMF crash. ONF development team member Ankur fixed the SMF FSM deadlock issue. 
      • SMF IP address allocation algorithm changed to assign least recently used UE IP address
    • AMF States in Database : This is work in progress and expectation is that SD Core 1.2 Release shall have AMF changes complete.  This includes moving subscriber states from AMF to database. This will make AMF handle the failures and persist subscriber states.
    • We are working on changing the way metrics are exposed from SD-Core. This architecture Metric Architecture changes. POC code is in progress.
    • NRF support for keepalive feature is in process


  • SD-Fabric 1.1.1 release is now available
    • First SD-Fabric open source release under Apache 2.0 license
    • 4G/5G network slicing and QoS are now integrated with Aether 2.0, including application filtering and multi-level rate limiting on both P4-UPF and BESS-UPF
    • Per flow metric on BESS-UPF
    • INT integration with per UE status report
    • Elimination of management server from data path
    • Support base stations behind L3-routed enterprise network
    • Various stability improvements and bugfixes (persistent mastership, distributed UPF state replication, ZGC, Atomix upgrade)


  • FTTB functionality for DT across the whole stack, ONOS, VOLTHA and BBSIM  to support single tagged DHCP traffic, Mac learning, ANCP management traffic and subscriber specific flows, with tests, thanks to Abhilash, Amit (from Radisys); Elia, Hardik, Andrea (from ONF)
  • Combo PON support design and implementation with updates to BBSIM, the Device management interface thanks to Elia, Girish, Andrea from ONF
  • Reached 4096 ONUs on two OLTS and on a single one with DT and TT workflows, thanks Matteo, and Andrea from ONF. 
  • Create an initial implementation of the voltha-bbf API adapter through the use of sysrepo and libyang, with the initial device information models based on WT-383 and WT-384, thanks to Elia from ONF and the whole BBF tiger team. 
  • Introduced gRPC connection monitoring via streaming to immediately detect down components. 
  • Openonu-go
    • Memory leak fixes
    • Omci-lib-go extensions to export ME names and include extended message support
    • Unknow ME support
  • Tests
    • ONU upgrade scale
    • MDS mismatch by Torsten Thieme (Adtran)
    • Memory leak (delete-add hundreds of time) by Torsten Thieme (Adtran)
    • DMI Hardware tests on Adtran in Berlin
  • Enhanced documentation for contribution, testing setup and combo pon, thanks to Matteo, Girish and Andrea from ONF.
  • Several bug fixes including memory leaks, TCONT storage, ONU activation state, NNI port speed hardcoding, minor ONOS apps improvement.


  • Language Design Working Group: The open source compiler pace of contributions has quickened significantly; we have significant new backends like the PSA-DPDK and the PSA-ebpf backends that implement the portable switch architecture in software.
  • P4 Education Working Group: We are organizing “P4PI: P4 on Raspberry PI for Research and Education” tutorial in IEEE NetSoft (International Conference on Network Softwarization), on June 27, 2022.


  • Brian O’Connor, Max Pudelko, and Yi Tseng (ONF) released Stratum 22.03 which included several small enhancements. See the release notes for more details.
  • Max and Yi provided a number of fixes and improvements that are part of the release (i.e. P4Runtime enhancements and new Intel SDKs).


  • The PINS working groups kicked off some new brigades focused on specific areas, including packet I/O, the P4 programmable path, and P4RT configuration. Thanks Don Newton, Reshma Sudarshan (Intel), and Niloofar Toorchi (ONF) for leading these brigades!
  • The Google PINS Team (including Robert Halstead, Steffen Smolka, and Jonathan DiLorenzo) have added tests, improved the P4Runtime app, and fixed bugs in the SONiC PINS repo.


  • Andrea Campanella (ONF) and Charles Chan (ONF) were re-elected to their ONOS Technical Steering Team seats.
  • onos-config re-write has been released; an overview of the changes has been presented at the last SD-RAN Community meeting and is available for review here.


  • Liaison communications with ITU-T Study Group 15 on its feedback on draft TR-512.A.15 on SDN Controller Lifecycle and Security
  • Nigel Davis (Ciena) leads progressing the Core model for ONF TR-512 version 1.6, including:
    • The Spec model, aiming for a single uniform definition/structure, and refactoring YANG into JSON form.
    • The Streaming model. To blend the TR-548 TAPI streaming model with the TR-512 Core model.
    • The Equipment property model
    • The Temporal expressions model
    • Refactoring of the Configuration and switch control model
    • Converting explicit property sentences into constraint statements


  • Ramon Casellas (CTTC) has been leading efforts to create a new TAPI Reference Implementation Agreement that will incorporate features that will be in TAPI v2.3/2.4
  • Andrea Mazzini (Nokia) is leading efforts to define an Optical Impairments UML and Technology-Agnostic OAM Model for TAPI.  Esther Le Rouzic (Orange) and Arturo Mayoral (Meta) have been providing helpful input from work in TIP OOPT/MUST
  • Thorsten Heinze (Telefonica) continues to lead the work on 5G xHaul, which has had input on alarms from Daniela Spreafico (Nokia) and Michael Binder (Ericsson)

Ambassador Program

  • Join ONF Ambassador, Aris Cahyadi Risdianto, Research Fellow, National University of Singapore, who will be presenting "Aether - The First Open Source 5G/LTE Connected Edge Cloud Platform" as part of FOSSASIA Summit 2022. View the presentation abstract here.

Developer Relations and Communities

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