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Community Member Profile: Vini Gajjar

Jun 1, 2022
Denise Barton
Denise Barton About the author

In this community member profile, we would like to introduce Vini Gajjar, a Senior Software Engineer at GS Lab who is based in Pune, Maharashtra, India. He is an active contributor in the Open Networking Foundation’s SD-Core community.

Vini Gajjar 150x150 jpgVini has been active in the SD-Core community since August 2021. He is currently focused on making open source contributions to the gNB Simulator to further enhance the tool.

He contributed to the initial design and development of gNB Simulator, a tool that helps in testing 5G Call flows by simulating UE and gNodeB. The tool generates and processes NGAP and NAS messages for the configured UEs and call flows.

Vini holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics and Telecommunication from Sandip Foundation Sandip Institute of Technology & Research Center, and a Post Graduate Diploma Degree in Embedded Systems and Design from the Center for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC). He started his career at GS Lab and initially contributed to the development of  firmware for IP Telephones and tuning device drivers for embedded Linux. 

He was born and raised in Nashik, an ancient city in Maharashtra, India. Nashik is known for its pilgrimage places and also as the wine capital of India. His enthusiasm for system programming languages and enhancements in the 4G and 5G network motivated him to migrate to an opportunity in the telecom field.

“I have worked with key SD-Core developers (Ajay Thakur, Badhrinath Padmanabhan, Ankur Upadhyaya and Vijaya Rani) who are a team of experts and enthusiasts and I was motivated by their approach and curiosity to learn and apply new methodologies.”

In his free time, Vini enjoys painting with oil and acrylic colors as well as sketching portraits. He is passionate about driving cars and riding motorcycles. In particular, he enjoys riding at dusk and dawn when there are a few stars visible in the sky and the air is cool. He loves reading books on Psychology, Astrophysics as well as autobiographies. He is also a district level Rifle Shooter!

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