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ONF VOLTHA 2.3 Released

Apr 16, 2020
Andrea Campanella
Andrea Campanella About the author

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ONF is pleased to announce the release of VOLTHA 2.3. This release provides performance and scale improvements, substantially expanded automated-tests, improved stability and robustness, and enhanced support for the Deutsche Telekom (DT) FTTH and Turk Telekom (TT) workflows.

VOLTHA 2.3 marks the move to ONOS 2.2 LTS, with all ONOS apps migrated to ONOS 2.2.2 which was released concurrently. On the PON connectivity side of the stack at the OLT, a move to BAL API Version 3.2 contributed bug fixes, performance improvements and support for multiple GEM ports. Support across the stack has been introduced for the DT workflow that requires the use of VLAN any (4096) tagged traffic from the RG. Through extensions of the ONOS apps, the end-to-end stack also now offers FCAPS capabilities with additional alarm types, dynamic log configuration, and On-Demand API for ONU Self-Test.

Continuing the move from Python to Go, the default openflow agent was  re-written, providing better performance for the deployment. VOLTHA 2.3 now also includes complete and tested support for OLT software and hardware reboot, and runtime changes to log levels for many VOLTHA components.

For scale and performance, the VOLTHA 2.3 release has introduced nightly scale testing jobs through the BBSim PON network simulator, that demonstrate the tremendous improvements achieved during the release through MIB templating, rw-core simplification, route-calculation optimization and general bug fixes.

VOLTHA 2.3 is extensively tested with a continuous integration test suite in Jenkins, with automated tests covering basic sanity testing and failure scenarios such as hardware reboot, both OLT and ONU software error recovery via service container restarts. 

In the 2.3 release initial integration sanity tests have also been achieved for the DT workflow. Tests now run on more pods and different hardware thanks to the integration of the Infosys pod in India and the DT community pod in Berlin that includes a GPON OLT. 

We would like to thank everyone in the  VOLTHA community, which includes many companies all over the world who have worked hard to achieve this substantial milestone.

Please see the complete release notes here to see a full list of new features and enhancements.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR Andrea Campanella
Andrea CampanellaMember of Technical Staff
Andrea joined ONF in October 2015 as a Research Scholar Intern. Andrea received a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Communication and is majoring in Computer Science at the Public University of Milan, Italy, with a focus in computer networks and SDN technology. At ONF, Andrea is on the ONOS core development team focusing on southbound architecture, protocol integration and driver subsystems. Andrea is also part of the A-Team: the ambassador program steering team and is active in shaping the ONOS community. In his free time Andrea enjoys photography, hiking, sailing, biking, and playing basketball.