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SDN. Be Certified.

Sep 16, 2014
Rick Bauer
Rick Bauer About the author

ONF introduces the ONF-Certified SDN Professional (OCSP) Program. 

Think back to your college days. In my case, it’s been a while, but for others, it is still a fresh memory. Whatever the case may be, think of how much technology has changed and evolved since your college days. Rapid changes are taking place within the networking industry, and they are directly affecting the skill sets of IT professionals, who are seeking additional education in order to keep their knowledge, skills, and abilities up-to-date.

With demand for SDN skills at an all-time high, we have announced the development of the OCSP Program. This program will provide SDN practitioners with an industry-recognized standard by which individual knowledge and skills can be evaluated. Unlike my college days, the program will not require you to pack a lunch or attend classes in-person. Thanks to the Internet, all exams can be taken from the comfort of your home, a nearby coffee shop, or even potentially following a training program.

The OCSP program is designed to provide a strong foundation of vendor-neutral, concept and technical-level credentials in open SDN that can integrate with and complement vendor certifications in networking technologies and programming language. Due to the flexibility in the program, individuals can take exams and reach new certification levels at their own pace. The program will also evolve alongside the SDN ecosystem to meet the changing needs of the industry.

ONF will begin by offering two certifications: an ONF-Certified SDN Engineer and an ONF-Certified SDN Associate. The exams will be available in early 2015, and will be translated into major languages as demand is established. More information about the program will be available in the coming months.

So dust off your pencils and get your backpack ready!

-          “Professor” Rick Bauer, Technical Program Manager

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Rick Bauer