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SDNFV Fest. BII Testing.

Jun 2, 2016
Sue Kim - gu
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A recap of the 2016 Spring SDNFV Fest Testing Activity held at the Beijing Internet Institute Global SDN Certified Testing Center. 

The Beijing Internet Institute (BII) recently co-hosted the 2016 Spring SDNFV Fest Testing Activity with ONF and Ixia at the BII Global SDN Certified Testing Center (SDNCTC) in Beijing. The activity highlighted great successes with SDNFV testing and contributions to the development and deployment of SDNFV.

The event was well attended with more than 30 engineers and over 20 pieces of equipment from 16 worldwide enterprises including Accton, Cobham, FiberHome, H3C, Huawei, Ixia, Pica8, Spirent, and many others. This year’s SDNFV Fest Testing Activity was much grander and more mature than before and showed the great force and potential market of SDNFV in China.

[caption id="attachment_2283" align="aligncenter" width="458"]Figure 1: SDNFV Fest Testing Activity Spot Figure 1: SDNFV Fest Testing Activity Spot[/caption]

During the five days of testing, enterprises mainly focused on five parts:

  • OpenFlow v1.3 Protocol Conformance Testing (including control channel, data channel)
  • SDN Performance Testing (including OpenFlow controller performance testing, OpenFlow switch performance testing, and VxLAN performance testing)
  • SDN Interop Testing (including OpenFlow, VxLAN, etc.)
  • NFV Testing (including VNF life circle management, VNF basic function, and interflow between VNF and NFVi)
  • SDN/NFV Solution Testing

Enterprises focused on the testing of SDN controller performance and it became a main focus of the whole testing activity. As the core component of the control panel, SDN controller performance affects the functions of the whole SDN Internet. In the testing activity, many enterprises carried out controller performance testing by leveraging the testing tool OpenFlow suite performance, which was developed by SDNCTC independently.

One of the engineers from SDNCTC said, “Controller Performance Testing can help find the performance bottlenecks of equipment such as control channel capacity, topology discovery ability, flow setup rate, etc., to boost the perfection and improvement of devices of enterprises.”

In addition, NFV testing also became a new highlight of SDNFV Fest Testing Activity. Recently, NFV testing has become more and more popular in many enterprises. Of the testing activity, two enterprises – Certus and FiberHome – carried out the NFV testing, which includes vBras, vCPE, vRouter, vFW, etc.


[caption id="attachment_2284" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Figure 2: SDNFV Fest Testing Activity Spot Figure 2: SDNFV Fest Testing Activity Spot[/caption]

The SDNFV Fest Testing Activity was spoken highly of by engineers from enterprises in attendance. One Huawei engineer said, “The testing activity is very successful and is highly involved. The enterprises can learn a lot from each other`s advantages and discuss technology problems and solutions together in this great platform SDNCTC provided with.” Engineers from other enterprises also gave great praise to the testing activity and looked forward to more high-qualified testing activities like this.

SDNFV Fest Testing Activity is full of success and significance to accelerate the development and deployment of SDNFV. It can be a place where devices of all enterprises are tested. The event also enables engineers to gather together and discuss SDN specifications, technologies, and testing results.

Following the recent testing activity, BII is hosting the Global SDNFV Tech Conference in Beijing, taking place on June 1 – 2. During the event, the organization will publish whitepapers and solution briefs providing insight into the recent testing activity to further the deployment of SDNFV. This content will be available here and we encourage you take a look at these documents to gain a deeper understanding of the impact SDNFV is having within the industry.

- Pan Zhang, senior engineer, BII

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