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ONF Announces Major Update to Skills Certification Program

MENLO PARK, Calif. October 15, 2020 -- Today the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) has introduced a major update to the ONF Certified SDN Associate (OCSA) program, announcing OCSA-2.0.

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The OSCA program is designed to familiarize and certify engineers with the key components of disaggregated SDN networks, from white box switching to network operating systems, northbound and southbound interfaces, P4 and next-gen SDN interfaces, open source platforms and much more.  OCSA provides a strong foundation of vendor-neutral knowledge and skills validation for professionals wishing to advance their careers and certify their knowledge in the world of open source and SDN.  Since its debut in 2016, more than 1,300 engineers have been certified through the ONF’s skills certification program.  

OCSA-2.0 represents the first major update to the program, reflecting the vast changes and rapid progress that continues to be made across the SDN industry. OCSA-2.0 updates the content and will replace the original OSCA exam to ensure that certified individuals have a strong foundation and fundamental knowledge of current and relevant networking tools, technologies and trends.  

ONF collaborates with a group of authorized training providers to offer skills training and testing with online and in-person options available worldwide.  To support those studying for the new OCSA-2.0 exam, ONF is also making new free resources available, in particular Larry Peterson’s new book: SDN, a systems approach. The book is organized around the new SDN stack, with the goal of presenting a top-to-bottom tour of SDN without leaving any significant gaps that the reader might suspect can only be filled with magic or proprietary code. Readers can complete hands-on programming exercises included at the end of the book to prove that the software stack is both accessible, robust and complete.

Timing and Availability

The new OCSA-2.0 exam is available immediately.

The original OCSA exam will continue to be available until August 2021, after which it will be deprecated.

Additional Information

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About the Open Networking Foundation:

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