Technical Leadership Team

The technical leadership team (TLT) is responsible for technical strategy and direction of the ONF community including defining and accepting new projects, setting priorities among projects, creating a reference design team and assembling resources to ensure projects are executed successfully.

The TLT includes members from ONF’s operator community and an internal ONF representative. In addition to sourcing resources and managing resource allocations, the TLT will also be responsible for recommending and defining liaisons with other open source communities.


Raj Savoor

Vice President Network Analytics & Automation
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Tang Xiongyan

Chief Scientist at China Unicom
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Manuel Paul

Senior Expert, Technology & Innovation Standardization, Deutsche Telekom
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Mazin Gilbert

Director of Engineering, Telecommunications Orchestration, Analytics and Automation
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Wenyu Shen

Manager of Technology Development, NTT Communications
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Guru Parulkar

Executive Director
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Bora Eliacik

VP of Engineering at Netsia, Inc
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